Thracian Alternative Income

Where Stability Meets Growth

Our preferred stock Mutual Fund “Thracian – Alternative Income” offers a balanced investment approach.

By focusing on preferred stocks, known for their regular dividends and reduced market volatility, the fund is designed for investors seeking both income and capital preservation.

Every stock is selected after meticulous analysis to match our criteria and standards for financial stability and dividend reliability. Through strategic diversification and proven investment models, we aim to provide consistent returns while prioritizing the protection of the initial investment.

FUND Portfolio Managers

Lyiudmil Lyiudmilov

Risk Profile

Risk & Returns

Asset allocation

FUND Details

NAV per share:

10.5976 EUR

Purchase price of shares

10.6082 EUR

Price for sale of shares
1 yr ago.

10.5658 EUR

Price for sale of shares
after 1 yr.

10.5870 EUR

NAV of the Fund

522 584.35 EUR

ISIN code of the fund


Current data for


Currency of the fund


Date of public offering


Minimum investment

100 EUR

Fund type

open-ended fund (UCITS)

Focus of the Fund

fixed yield

Investment plan minimum investment

25 EUR

FUND Objective

Income Generation: The primary goal is to generate a regular, stable income from dividends on preferred stocks and fixed-income instruments.

Diversification: We spread the investment risk across different sectors and companies.

Capital Preservation: Our focus is on less risky preferred stocks and preserving the initial investment.

Liquidity: Ensures the flexibility to buy or sell units of the fund on any business day.

Professional management: we use the extensive experience of fund managers to make strategic investment decisions.

Long-Term Growth: Aim for capital appreciation over the long term as part of a diversified portfolio.

FUND Strategy

We strategically target preferred stocks, known for their stable dividends and lower volatility, making them an attractive option for investors seeking consistent income.

Our expert fund managers meticulously analyze sectors and companies, diversifying investments to reduce risk, while focusing on capital preservation.

With the convenience of daily liquidity and the assurance of professional management, our Preferred Stock Mutual Fund aims to provide a well-balanced blend of safety and profitability, tailored to meet the long-term financial objectives of the modern investor.

Cumulative Performance (%)

1 month

6 months

1 year

3 years

as of 24/11/2023







1 month
6 months
1 year
3 years
as of 24/11/2023

United Bulgarian Bank (part of KBC group)





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Redemption fee after 1 year:


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"Thracian Alternative income", a combination of stability and opportunities, all in one strategy.

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