Investment Plans

The investment plan is a disciplined way of saving by regularly investing an equal sum into a mutual fund of your choice, to mitigate the ups and downs of the market and reduce the average price per share of your investment. This type of savings investment uses a method called price-averaging. It protects investors from most of the market’s volatility.

How does it work?

Determine the investment amount you can allocate monthly.

Choose a fund that matches your risk profile and investment goals.

Flexible conditions, you choose the amount (minimum 25 EUR) and the date of payment. The process is fully automated.

Regular saving in an investment fund removes the need to seek a suitable market moment.

The return on your investment in a mutual fund in Bulgaria is tax-free for both individuals and legal entities.

It allows you to accumulate a significant sum over a long period of time, through regular investment of a small part of your monthly income.

Let the investment plan work to achieve your investment goals and monitor its performance in our reporting system.

Investment Plans
for the things
that matter
most in life!

Saving Plan
for the things
that matter
most in life!

Our investment plans are designed to help you save for the things that matter most, whether it’s a car, a down payment for a house, or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Choosing a investment plan over a one-time investment allows you to benefit from the stability and predictability of regular contributions, while still enjoying the potential for long-term growth. Plus, you get the convenience of automatic withdrawals from your bank account, which enhances the effectiveness of your investment, because you won’t be tempted to spend those funds when they are available in your bank account. Investing in a mutual fund has never been easier.

Investing in a mutual fund through regular instalments offers an opportunity to build capital over the long term, but like any investment strategy, it also carries certain risks that potential investors should carefully consider:

  1. Market Risk: The value of the assets in the Fund may fluctuate due to changes in market conditions, which may cause the value of your investment to fluctuate.
  2. Liquidity Risk: Although mutual funds generally offer good liquidity, in certain market conditions there may be difficulty in selling assets at the desired price.
  3. Credit risk: Investments in debt instruments are subject to the risk that the issuer may default on its payment obligations, which may affect the fund’s return.
  4. Changes in interest rates: Investments in bonds and other debt instruments can be affected by changes in interest rates, with an increase in interest rates generally causing the value of existing bonds to decrease.
  5. Inflation risk: Inflation can reduce the real value of your investment returns, especially for conservative and lower income investment plans.

Investors should be aware that no investment strategy can completely eliminate risk and that historical performance is no guarantee of future performance.


Additional information about the risks can be obtained from the Prospectus of the relevant fund at

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