Discretionary Management

What is the service?

Wealth management, individual portfolio management or delegated management are some of the many terms that are used for this type of service, but they all mean the same thing – an investment solution that is tailored specifically to the needs and goals of the client and their tolerance for risk-taking.

In this service, the client enters into a contract with Thracian Invest Inc., through which they entrust a portion of their savings to the company to be managed according to the terms of the contract signed between the two parties.

How does
discretionary management work?

1. Client

2. Meet a Thracian Invest consultant

3. Financial profile setup 360

4. An offer with prospective solutions and products

5. Sign a contract with a clear investment strategy

6. Execute the investment strategy

7. Ongoing monitoring and review of the wallet

DELEGATION and TRUST are the two words that best characterize individual portfolio management.

Delegation does not mean a loss of control, on the contrary, both in everyday life and in portfolio management, there are several main reasons why a person would choose to delegate. Often, this is associated with seeking specific expertise and experience that the individual may not possess or a lack of time.

The presence of savings unfortunately does not automatically mean that you have the knowledge, will, time, or tools to manage them on a daily basis or keep up with the news flow that could impact the chosen financial instruments. 

All these aspects are part of the daily work of a portfolio manager who manages your wealth, monitors associated risks, effectively works as a team to achieve your goals, and generate returns.

Portfolio management combines four main areas of expertise:

This expertise and experience are aways part of our long-term relationships with our clients.

Do you need a financial partner who cares about your success, as much as you do? You can find it with Thracian Invest Inc.!

We are here to help you achieve your financial goals!

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