Alternative Icome

Stability, regular dividends, and potential for long-term growth are among the main features of the mutual fund Thracian – Alternative Income. Our professionally managed fund specializes in selecting the most promising preferred shares in various sectors in order to realize returns for its investors.

Whether you are saving for a down payment, education, retirement, or a dream vacation, our savings plan ensures your money is working towards your goals. The investment plans offer the opportunity to benefit from the stability and predictability of regular instalments, along with the potential for long-term growth.



At Thracian Invest, we structure and create individual products tailored to the goals and risk tolerance of each client. These types of products are designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients looking for original solutions to standard financial investments.

Our team of experienced portfolio managers takes care of every aspect of your investment journey, from asset allocation to portfolio rebalancing, according to your individual needs. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that seasoned professionals are actively monitoring your investments and making informed decisions.


At Thracian Invest we are committed to making your financial goals a reality. Are you ready to take control of your financial future?

Investing is one of the most powerful tools for accumulating wealth and achieving financial freedom.

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